Once upon a time there was a boy who flew.
A Postcard Giveaway


I get my Paintings printed out and in order to thank my lovely followers I will send some to  you. There are two sets, 4 pieces for each. I will pick out 4 person randomly in 24th, Augst, 2014. Each person will get one set. All you have to do is to reblog. You can choose which set you want if you are picked.

This is international available except China. If you are in China, check my Weibo giveaway or you can buy here

set 1

set 2

It’s @colfersexgod from IG! 😏 I really wanna win these fabulous postcards 👌

Michele T from Lukas Kazan

I really love Blaine. He makes me feel so connected, so safe, and so loved. I don’t think I’m ever really gonna find someone who makes me feel like that.
Kurt Hummel, Glee, episode 5.01 (via black-john-lennon)

you were only waiting for this moment to arrive

did i tell you i need you, ever single day of my life?

he loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah




Well, looks like the feels are coming back…

In a BIG way…………aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



#this is the part wherekurt hummel viciously stabs you right in your soul with a single look